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Wednesday, July 4, 2012



on mi gente:


Member Since: June 19, 2012
Sex: Female
Age: 32
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Location: New York, NY
Zodiac: Libra


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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:28:43 +0100 (BST)
From: Esther Mame <esthermame@ymail.com>

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Originating ISP: Ghana Telecom
City: Accra
Country of Origin: Ghana

Hello Handsome Sorry for the delay respond to your mail and hope you will forgive me and that can't stop the relationship that we are about to Build..How are you doing ? I hope by the Grace of God you are fine and everything is well with you I am esther...I am 5'0 feet tall , black hair....brown eye , fair in complexion , slim body type..I work as a Sales Girl in a Cosmetics Store...My Dad passed away last year , I am now staying with my Mum and Uncle ...I live my life as a respectful and a very God fearing person...
I'm fun, witty and have a great smile. I'm often told I have beautiful eyes. They seem to change between blue and green; perhaps my love of the ocean and all things water make them shimmer?! I'm kind, caring, funny, independent, family friendly, honest and maybe, just maybe, sometimes a wee bit too direct. Ah well, we all have our moments, right? I love to travel - be it down the block, down the road or down under the beautiful ocean. I'm attracted to open and somewhat liberal minds, adventurous spirits, kind souls and warm hearts. It'd be great if you're a tactile man who enjoys holding hands, long kisses, and all that cuddly kind of stuff. I'm a touchy/feely girl. Are you a touchy/feely guy? Boy do I miss long kisses. Okay, back on track. Do you want to share coffee, lunch, your dinner that looks better then mine? Walks, showers, chores, yard work, and the occasional decadent dessert paired with a lovely bottle of fruite juice or wine? Hopes, dreams, long toe curling kisses that you feel deep down? (geeze, here I go w/ the kissing again!).
i will like to know more also about you .. bye for now have a grate day ..hope to hear from you

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